Grow Kits FAQ

How long will it take to grow mushrooms?

  • Oyster mushrooms tend to grow the quickest so once you begin the growing process, you should see baby mushrooms appear within 7 days and these will grow rapidly, doubling in size almost every day!
  • Lions mane however can take up to two weeks for baby mushrooms to appear so be patient and never stop spraying with water regularly.

Where do I put my grow kit?

  • No need to keep it somewhere strange such as in the dark or in a closet! Just keep it somewhere that's out of direct sunlight or heat because you don't want the kit to dry out. We recommend a bench top in a high traffic area of the home so that it gets lots of fresh air, plus you can easily check on it and spray as you pass by.

When is my mushroom ready for harvest?

  • Oyster mushrooms will be ready for harvest typically on the 4th day after they first appeared. Their caps will start to uncurl and become more flattened.
  • Lions mane mushrooms will be ready for harvest about a week after they first appear once the fur has grown to about a centimeter in length or the base of the mushroom begins to turn slightly yellow in colour.

How do I harvest the mushroom?

  • Lay the kit flat and place your thumbs under the base of the mushroom. Gently push your thumbs up and away from the kit putting pressure against the base of the mushroom. The mushroom should pop away from the box easily. Scrape out any mushroom bits that are left in the kit after harvesting. If you try for a second harvest, you will want this area to be free from any previous mushroom leftovers.
  • Trim away the substrate from the base of the mushroom cluster before cooking.
  • Pro tip: lions mane will discolour the more its handled so be gentle.

How many harvests will I get from my grow kit?

  • You will typically get 2 - 3 harvests from your grow kit as long as it is still being misted with water regularly.

After the first harvest, how do I get it to grow a second or third time?

  • The most important thing you need to do is keep spraying! You don't want it to dry out. With proper moisture, your mushrooms should regrow in about two to three weeks after the last harvest.
  • The first harvest will be the largest and the second or third will be smaller as the mushroom runs out of the nutrients in the kit.

I think I've killed it, help!

  • Don't worry, the mycelium is most likely just waiting for the right conditions to grow. Being patient is the number one key! Keep misting the area of the kit that's exposed to air, about 3 times a day.
  • If you forget for an extended period of time and it looks incredibly dry, do not give up just yet. You can start again by sealing the cut area completely with duct tape, then take the kit out of the box and slice a new 'x' on a fresh side of the bag. Be sure to mist the opening regularly from that point on.
  • If all else fails, send us a message. We're here to help.

What do I do with the kit after I've finished?

  • We highly recommend breaking up the substrate within your spent mushroom kit and adding it to the garden! The substrate is made from organic hardwood and plant nutrients so worms love to chew through the material and recycle it through your soil. Not only do plants benefit from it, but also you may find even more mushrooms sprouting up in your garden especially if you use a straw based mulch!

I'm giving the grow kit as a gift or I'm not ready to use it just yet. Where do I keep it until then?

  • It is best to refrigerate all grow kits except for the pink and yellow oyster until ready for use where they can be stored up to two months. Pink and yellow oyster kits can be kept in a cool part of the home for up to two weeks after purchase.