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100% Australian Lion's Mane Dual-Extract Tincture

100% Australian Lion's Mane Dual-Extract Tincture

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Harness the Cognitive Benefits of Lion’s Mane with Our 100% Australian Dual-Extract Tincture

Lion’s Mane Dual-Extract brought to you by MYCOfactor - our brand for functional mushroom products! Made from lion's mane farmed organically by us in Brisbane on 100% Australian non GMO substrate, then extracted in a professional lab to the highest possible scientific protocols for maximum potency, this is unparallelled quality you've been waiting for!

The dual-extraction process captures the full therapeutic spectrum of the mushroom. This ensures that both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble bioactive compounds are preserved, delivering a far more potent product than powder or fresh mushroom alone. The water and alcohol extractions also enhance bioavailability and efficacy, making the benefits of lion’s mane more accessible to your body. The MYCOfactor Lion's Mane Dual-Extract is the absolute most potent lion's mane product for harnessing the comprehensive spectrum of neuro-benefits.

Ideal for professionals, academics, those with mental aging concerns or anyone striving to maintain cognitive sharpness, the MYCOfactor 100% Australian Lion's Mane Dual-Extract is easy to add into your routine and should be enjoyed daily for full effects. The 30ml bottle offers 30 daily serves, a month's worth of brain boosting compounds! Simply add 1ml to your morning beverage ritual. The tincture becomes tasteless when diluted. The Lion's Mane Dual-Extract offers a straightforward method to improving mental clarity and enhancing overall health.

Elevate your mental well-being with our organically grown, 100% Australian Lion’s Mane Dual-Extract and look out for the full range of MYCOfactor bioactive mushroom products!

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17 cm x 11 cm x 22 cm

2.1 kg

Care Instructions

Do not allow kit to exceed 30°.

Keep moist by misting with water 3 times per day.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

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